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hybrid working made easy

Super simple desk booking that your team will love

WiggleDesk takes the hassle out of managing hybrid work. Turbocharge your flexible team's productivity through intelligent use of your spaces.

Free for up to 10 users

No CC required

Start booking in 10 minutes No implementation fees GDPR compliant & ISO27001 Certified Book any space from pods to dogs

Trusted around the world to enable 50K+ returns to office

The user interface is exceptionally good both in setting up spaces and booking them... Overall this is the best package we looked at in our desk booking system review.

Hybrid work without the hassle

Empty office in hybrid working
Is your team coming into an empty office?

WiggleDesk makes it clear who is coming in, when and where.

Packed office in hybrid working
Or a packed office with no free spaces?

WiggleDesk smooths out the peaks and troughs of demand and frees up booked, but unutilised space.

Hybrid working spreadsheet
Struggling to manage hybrid desk booking with a complex spreadsheet?

WiggleDesk's one click bookings, make managing the complexities of hybrid working a breeze

What Is WiggleDesk?

Makes any office space bookable

Book a desk, car parking, pods, meeting rooms and see all the facilities available for each space.

One click bookings

Intuitive UI that works across all devices make it a breeze for your team to self manage their hybrid work.

Insights into who is working, where and when

Reports shows how your office and team are working, unlocking maximmum productivity and use of space.

Try it out

Try our Quick bookings demo below or sign up for a free account to explore all our hybrid working solutions.

Quick bookings demo

Quick bookings: Choose a time to see availability and book a space

Booking details




Detailed Insights Show You

How your spaces are used

Unlocking maximum value from your shared work spaces.

How your team is working

Identifying at a glace who has which desk booked and when.

Why Your Team Will Love WiggleDesk

Users can make bookings with one click to come into the office

Project managers see what facilities are available across the organisation

Facilities managers no longer have to check whether spaces are booked but not used

Teams can be assigned priority areas or specific facilities

Team mates see when and where their team is coming in

Everyone can self manage their hybrid schedules

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