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Easy Desk Bookings

At a glace you can see who is currently working from the office, and what spaces they have booked

See how many many of your team are due to come in and quickly choose to join them.

Reporting and Insights

Detailed Insights Show You How

Your spaces are used

  • What was the busiest day in the last month?
  • What areas in the office are under utilized or over capacity?
  • Are spaces being reserved but people aren't showing up?

Your team is working

  • Who is coming in today?
  • Where are my team?
  • Who has access to which office resources?

Integrations and Automations

Our APIs and WebHooks Connect With Your Favourite Tools

Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Office 365 and Excel and Google Workspace, Calendar, Drive Apps To connect with your team's favourite collaboration tools.
Slack To notify channels when key facilities are booked. To share info on booked spaces for the projects your team works on.
HR Tools To automate team scheduling.
and 4,000+ more through integrations with Zapier
Techy Details
Login With Microsoft or Google

One click 'Single Sign On' makes it easy to rollout and manage your user access securely.

Once invited, users can simply click 'Sign in With Microsoft / Google' to get logged into your account automatically.

Data Security

We take the safeguarding of your team's data very seriously.

We are proud that WiggleDesk is:

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ICO Registered

Cloud Based

We run on Google Cloud which makes it easy to scale across your whole organisation.

WiggleDesk is available through any browser whether its a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

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