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WiggleDesk FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions

Updated: 31st July 2022

WiggleDesk is a platform that provides an easy way to adopt and manage hybrid working within an organisation.

WiggleDesk enables;

  1. Facilities Managers to map physical working spaces with a simple drag and drop UI.
  2. Employees to quickly see what in-office facilities are available and reserve a space with One-Click.
  3. Managers to have insight into when and how their teams will work together, with integrations with Google and Microsoft Sign-In and Calendars.

WiggleDesk offers a simple pay-as-you-go monthly subscription with no set up fees and no lengthy contracts. WiggleDesk charges per 'active user', which is the unique number of users that have at least one booking in or after the billing period. Meaning if a proportion of your staff work from home permanently, they won't accrue costs.

We charge £5 ($8/€6) per active user per month.

We are proud to offer 40% off to charities, NGO non-profits and those in the education sector.

Yearly discounts are available, please reach out to us to discuss this.

Billing is managed via a monthly subscription in Stripe. This is billed at the end of every month, based on active usage. If cancelling during a billing period the last bill will be due at the end of the monthly billing period.

There is no cancellation fee.

Users can cancel via the linked Stripe portal via the billing page or through contacting us at:

Enjoy 30 days free usage with no credit card or ongoing obligation.

No. We are proud to help organisations of all sizes.

We've helped organisations recently roll out hybrid working to their organisations within a day of signing up to demo WiggleDesk.

Live video support is available for admins.

On every page, users have access to chat support via our Intercom widget. Direct email support can be found at

We've had the privilege of enabling 50K+ returns to office from a range of industries, charities, government bodies, councils, universities, start ups and FTSE100 companies.

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