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Introduction To WiggleDesk

How to: Make bookings on the 'Quick Bookings' page

An overview of the quick bookings page can be found in our 'Introduction To WiggleDesk' video.

In this article, we're going to show you how to get started with WiggleDesk and we can make it really easy to self manage your hybrid working, allowing you to book desks to come into the office when you like.

The page that you'll likely use the most to make bookings is the quick bookings page because as the name implies, it's fairly quick to make bookings as most bookings you'll probably be making just one click.

quick bookings overview

Booking for yourself

On this page, you can see an overview of your floor as well as buttons allowing you to choose a date and switch to a different floor.

choose a date or floor selection

By default, tomorrow's date will be preselected, but you can change this to anything you like. So if you want to come in on Tuesday, just click Tuesday. And if I wanted to come in for several days, you simply choose the first start date till the end date, e.g. Tuesday to Friday

several days date selection

Once you've chosen your required dates the floor map below will refresh and by default it will pre-select an available desk (shown in the blue outline).

suggested desk

This view is quite helpful because it also shows who is coming in at the same time. You can zoom in to any of these spaces, and see the avatars or your team mates showing you who is coming in and where. Hovering over these spaces will show extra details including the username of the person who has the space booked

space user details on hover

I might be working with Pippy on a project and so I may want to select desk Three if I wanted to sit opposite her. I can simply click desk three to select it, overriding the pre-selected desk.

selected desk

You'll see the desk bookings card on the right updates to your selected desk. Once your happy with your selection, simply click the 'confirm booking' button.

You'll now receive an email containing details about your booking.

Booking for someone else

You can also use this page to book for other users.

Click the 'More' button to bring up the user search box.

more booking options

So if you wanted to book a desk for Amber, for example. You start to type in her name and the selection box will come up with her avatar.

The next step is the same as before, choosing a date / time. And optionally choose a differnt desk. Once you're happy with the selection click confirm. In this case the person who the space was booked (Amber) for will get an email confirming that the booking has been made with a link to the floor plan illustrating where she is sat.

Filtering for specific spaces

Let's say I wanted to find a desk which had wheelchair accessible facilities. I would be able to filter for this on this page.

This assumes you're organisation has got wheelchair accessible desks.. You might have other filterable things on your desk, depending how your organisation has set this up such as screens or monitors or standing desks or pods, meeting rooms.. essentially anything that has been made bookable and has been added on as a tag and associated with a space.

You can identify the facilities associated with each space by hovering your mouse over the space on the interactive floor map. For example desk 8 is wheelchair accessible:

wheelchair accessible desk

However if you wanted to quickly find all the spaces that have this tag, you can filter for this in the 'more' section:

filtering by bookable space tag

Now only those spaces with the 'accessible desk' tag will show up.

identifying wheelchair accessible desks

In the above example, Desk 8 and Bench 3 have been identified as being wheelchair accessible. However Desk 8 is already booked by William, which leaves Bench 3 as the one that's available.

Published Aug. 8, 2022

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