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interactive FloorPlan

Creating Your Interactive Floor Plan

Our top tips for creating effective floor plans to represent your spaces.

Our walkthrough video takes you step by step through setting up your office space for hybrid working.


This guide illustrates how to create an interactive floorplan that will make it really easy to set up hybrid working in your office. We're going to be creating something a little bit like this floorplan below which will be our interactive floorplan allowing us to see where people are currently sat and when and where they will be in the future.

Interactive floorplan for hybrid working

Adding Spaces

In order to make this, we're going to start off with our floor editor which is what you see when you first open up wiggledesk, you will see a blank rectangle with a sign just saying no desks added yet.

Floor plan editor

To add spaces, you simply, enter the name of the space into the text box on the left and hit enter or the plus button to the right of the text box. In terms of naming convention popular names are: 'Desk 1', 'Desk One', or simply '1' which tends to work well on floors that have many spaces. In here you can also add in other things that aren't desk, such as pods or offices. Later on we can configure these with tags to show that they are specific types of bookable area.

Now that you've added some spaces, you can see in the list on the left. To add them on to the floor plan, just drag and drop them onto the floorplan image.

Drag-n-drop floorplan

It instantly creates the spaces in the area where they are dropped.You can then move and drag them about into place.

Adding Floor Plan Backgrounds

At this stage you will likely want to a prettier and more relevant background for what your office space looks like.

You can upload a floorplan image with the 'Upload Floorplan Image' button at the top of the page.

Both 3D floorplans (such as those created at and traditional black and white architectural floor plans can be uploaded. As long as the file format is JPEG or PNG, any image can be uploaded onto the system.

WiggleDesk supports 3D and traditional floorplans for hybrid working

So once the floorplan is uploaded, you'll want to adjust the spaces so that they are in the correct space.

floorplan positioning.png

As you can see these spaces are all in the wrong place, so I'm going to want to move them, and it's literally just the case of dragging and dropping them into place. They can be resized by adjusting the draggable handle at the bottom right hand corner:

desk resize handle

Desks or Labels?

Something to consider is when representing your spaces is whether you want to use them to represent desks or whether you want them to act as labels. Consider the image below

bookable desks or desk labels

When users start to book their desks, their avatars will appear in the spaces representing the chairs where they're going to be sat. This format works very well on smaller layouts, but you may find the layout as illustrated in the bank of desks 7, 8 and 9 works better if you have hundreds of spaces per floor as they will be easier to read and click.

Editing Space Colour

You can also change the colour of any space. This usually helps with quickly identifying team zones or types of bookable space.

In the table below the map, you simply select the spaces with their checkboxes and then click the 'Custom Colour' button. These can be made any colour, even with semi-transparency applied so you can see the spaces behind.

Altering bookable desk colours

Next Steps

Congratulations, you've got your office spaces set up for hybrid working!

These spaces are now bookable and are live via your floorplan overview page. There are a few next steps to consider in getting fully set up such as;

  • Adding facilities tags to each space.
  • Choosing what teams can book which spaces.
  • Choosing what spaces are active / inactive.
  • Setting custom rules for how spaces can be booked.
  • Adding Outlook integration.
  • Exploring reporting.

Published Jan. 11, 2022

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