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Summary of recent changes to WiggleDesk


5th January 2023

Added 'Add to calendar' buttons in booking email notifications.


15th December 2022

WiggleDesk 2.0! Our biggest set of feature releases since our launch in early 2021.

Having spoken with thousands of business leaders over the past few years we've greatly enjoyed the challange and opportunity to make hybrid working better..

WiggleDesk's initial offering provided a clean and simple way of booking spaces in your offices. The challenges of managing hybrid working in your organisations however encompass much more than being able to book a desk. There are so many ways of hybrid working and they can vary even amongst teams. Managers face a complex task in understanding who will be in, when and where across their diverse teams. Team mates struggle to find great times to come into office when they can have a good chance of being able to work together in person with their colleagues.

We are proud to announce WiggleDesk's Team Scheduling views. These interactive calendars allow you to quickly identify when you're team mates are likely to come into office, and allow you to quickly see what they have booked and when.

Hybrid Working Schedules

These views revolve around the concept of each user having their own hybrid schedules represented in the tool. If someone's schedule is set for them to WFO on Mondays, then every Monday, this calendar will show an 'in office' view. This makes WiggleDesk, much more helpful, allowing users to see at a glance whether their team will be in, without their team needing to explictly book spaces.

View your team schedules views by going to this section in your sidebar:



14th December 2022

Feature updates prior to 15th December are not given named versions, instead please refer to their published dates to identify these in conversations with support.

Added team column to interactive bookings datatable in the activity insights page.


13th December 2022

Added user search to team schedules view.


12th December 2022

Added pagination to team schedules view.


7th December 2022

Preview of team schedules view made available for admins.


6th December 2022

Added anonymity options for team schedules view.


2nd December 2022

Improved usability of sidenav menu by having it opened by default unless a user explictly closes it, which is then remembered on next page load. Added hover text to sidenav illustrating what each section does.

Added manager rights to book beyond standard date restrictions.


1st December 2022

Added 'Recover Username' feature to login page.


28th November 2022

Added 'Recover Username' feature to login page.


16th November 2022

Added new global in-app notifications system.

Added bulk user deletion from teams.


7th November 2022

Added ability to remove a desk's permanent status.


6th November 2022

Added 'Add to Calendar' buttons allowing users to add events directly to their Google / Outlook calendars.


28th October 2022

Added permanent desk feature.


24th October 2022

Added 'download as csv' functionality to manage users page.

Added building name to floor picker on quick bookings page.

Added feature to update space text font colours dynamically based on the colour of the space. (Dark backgrounds result in light text and vice versa)


17th October 2022

Added the ability to customise the introduction text in emails.

Added search functionality to manage users page.

Added the ability to show customised space details for every space upon selection in booking.


3rd October 2022

Added custom branding option for emails.

Added anonymity options to hide the user details of other users within WiggleDesk.


27th September 2022

Added custom logo upload option to show an organisation's own logo at the top left corner of every page.

Published Dec. 14, 2022
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