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Teams upcoming bookings

API - Team's Upcoming Bookings

Find a team's upcoming bookings.



This endpoint returns all upcoming bookings for a specific team. This can be helpful to integrate with calendaring tools or build workflows highlighting a team's schedule.

Teams upcoming bookings


The API endpoint listens for GET requests, identifies which team the requester is looking for and returns data on all the team member's upcoming bookings that have an end date beyond the time of the request.

Before We Begin

First grab your API key from your profile page. If you don't see it, you'll need to double check with a WiggleDesk Admin that your account has been given access and that the steps outlined in our 'Getting started' page have been followed.

WiggleDesk's API can be tested with httpie which is a basic http client written in Python.

You can install httpie using pip:

pip install httpie

Access API Via Code

You can get a list of all your upcoming bookings by running this command in your command line / terminal (remember to swap out 'YOUR_SECRET_TOKEN' with your secret token and 'TEAM_NAME' with the name of the team). Note no apostrophees are used around the team_name parameters and no spaces around the equals sign:

http GET "Authorization: token YOUR_SECRET_TOKEN" team_name=TEAM_NAME


It should return a json array like this (Assuming the team has any upcoming bookings):

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
“count": 3,
"next": null,
"previous": null,

"event_id": "1",
"event_desk": "11",
"start_date": "2022-08-27 09:00",
"end_date": "2022-08-27 17:00",

"user": "William",

"event_details": "Client meeting",

"booking_reason", "Other"
"event_id": "2",
"event_desk": "9",
"start_date": "2022-08-28 09:00",
"end_date": "2022-08-29 17:00",

"user": "William",

"event_details": "",

"booking_reason", "WFO"

"event_id": "3",
"event_desk": "13",
"start_date": "2022-08-30 09:00",
"end_date": "2022-08-30 17:00",

"user": "William",

"event_details": "",

"booking_reason", "WFO"


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Published June 18, 2022

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