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Hybrid Schedules FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about WiggleDesk's hybrid scheduling features

What do the scheduling features do?

Please see this overview and walkthrough video.

What types of hybrid working schedules are supported?

We currently offer 6 main types of hybrid working schedules, these are:

  1. Working from office
  2. Working from home
  3. Hybrid - Free choice (default)
  4. Hybrid - Flexi permanent spaces
  5. Hybrid - Number of days per week
  6. Hybrid - Specific week days

We have an hybrid schedules overview page here which goes into each of these in detail.

Can users self select their schedule?

By default only admins or team managers can set a user's primary schedule.

However there is an option in the settings page to allow users to self select their hybrid work style. If turned on, this is made available to users in their profile page.

Can users make one off edits to their schedule?

Yes. Users can select any day on the team schedules view and make one off edits to their schedule.

What if I have office bookings on a day that I'm usually at home?

The schedule will show that you're going to be in office and will show the details of your bookings.

What is the team manager role?

Team managers are able to update the hybrid schedules of their team mates, they can also be assigned additional user rights, such as being able to see the schedules of other team mates.

What anonymity options are there?

Any user (default): Admins and users can see the schedules of every other user.

Team mates: Admins and users can see the schedules of other users in the same teams as them.

Team managers: Admins and managers can see the schedules of other users in the teams they manage.

Only admins: Only admins can see the schedules of other users.

How does this affect billing?

If you're on an annual prepaid plan this doesn't affect billing as the scheduling features are included.

If you're on our standard active user plan these features are included in your plan. Users with associated hybrid working schedule other than the default 'Hybrid - Free Choice: Unknown' option, are counted as active in the active user calculation. A report of active users can be found in the billing section.

Published Dec. 14, 2022
Tagged Scheduling

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