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API Documentation - Getting Started

WiggleDesk's API makes it easy to integrate with thousands of web services to automate hybrid working.


WiggleDesk's API allows users to do things like:

  • Connect to thousands of other web services, through connection tools such as Zapier.
  • Automate your user management.
  • See all your upcoming bookings.
  • See all your teams upcoming bookings.
  • Automatically find space and make suitable bookings.

Desk booking api


Our API includes REST endpoints and Webhooks:

REST Endpoints

REST endpoints listen to any request that you or your data pipelines send us and respond with a json array of objects.

Our REST endpoints are called:

  • bookings
  • my_upcoming_bookings
  • teams_upcoming_bookings
  • create_membership_invitation
  • users (Coming Soon)
  • team_mates_in_office (Coming Soon)


Webhooks fire whenever certain actions occur within WiggleDesk, they send a json array of objects to a listening endpoint that you have set up to receive them.

  • event.added (Coming Soon)
  • event.new_event_in_organisation (Coming Soon)

Turning on API features

API access is turned off at an organisational level by default. Admin users can activate the API features via the API section of the 'Manage Organisation' page within their WiggleDesk account.

Organisation API Access

At this point users will need individual API access provisioned on a per individual basis. This is done via the 'Manage Users' page.

Secure Authorisation

API endpoints are authorised via secret tokens that are unique to each user.

Users can find their secret token via their profile page if API access has been turned on for their account.

It's important to handle these with the same amount of care as personal passwords as the tokens provide read and write access to your organisation's booking data and can provision user access.

Rate Limiting

We limit users to 1,000 requests per day, please contact support if you require this to be increased.

It's unlikely that you'll need to build data pipelines that continuously poll for updated events. We have built WebHooks which fire in real time when events such as new bookings are created. This gives you the latest data as and when changes are made, meaning your always up to date.

Writing your first API connection

For non developers

Please see our Zapier tutorial here.

For developers

Please see our 'My Upcoming Bookings' turorial here.

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